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The page gives information on the energy balance in Kuopio, taking into account energy input from a all sources and how these energy are used by society (domestic, industrial et.c) There is an adequate breakdown of information on energy production, distribution and consumption, however some of the information e.g the data page are not very easy to interpret.


What are the amounts of energy produced, consumed, imported, and exported in Kuopio?


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Numbers are based on op_fi:Energiatase/Kuopio.

There are several energy transformations that each describe a specific process of energy production or use. Per unit activity, there is a constant amount of different inputs and outputs into and from this process, respectively. These unit processes are used for Kuopio in such a way that one critical input or output from each relevant energy transformation is listed here; all other inputs and outputs logically follow from the nature of the transformation process.


Equations(GWh /a)
1BiofuelCHP renewable = CHP peat1Biofuel policy contains half biofuels, half peat
2BAUCHP renewable = 89.241
3CHP peat + CHP renewable + CHP oil = CHP heat + CHP electricity + CHP loss 1
4CHP peat = 90-98*CHP oil1
5CHP<1000CHP electricity + CHP loss = 0.689*CHP heat1
6CHP<1000CHP heat + CHP loss = 2.852*CHP electricity1
7CHP>1000CHP loss = 0.2542*CHP heat1
8CHP>1000CHP heat + CHP electricity + CHP loss = 10001Maximum production of 1000 added to the CHP plant to see non-linearities
9H biogas + H oil = H heat + H loss1
10H oil = 18.973*H biogas1
11H heat = 14.082*H loss1
12Ind peat + Ind oil + Ind renewable = Ind electricity + Ind process heat + Ind loss1
13Ind oil + Ind renewable = 2.014*Ind peat1
14Ind peat + Ind renewable = 10.083*Ind oil1
15Ind process heat + Ind loss = 6.376*Ind electricity1
16Ind electricity + Ind loss = 0.332*Ind process heat1
17CHP<1000H heat = 0.08*CHP heat1Small heat plants reflect the total heat need
18CHP>1000CHP electricity = 0.4407*CHP heat1But if CHP capacity is overwhelmed, H heat and CHP heat are decoupled and another relation is described
19Loss electricity = 0.0858*CHP electricity + 0.0858*Ind electricity1
20Loss heat = 0.0855*CHP heat + 0.0855*Ind process heat1
21Bought electricity + CHP electricity + Ind electricity = Loss electricity + Cons Home electricity + Cons Ind electricity + Cons Commerce electricity + Cons Municip electricity1
22CHP heat + H heat = Loss heat + Cons Home heat + Cons Ind heat + Cons Commerce heat + Cons Municip heat1
23Ind process heat = 400-685.41
24Cons Home electricity = 296-4001
25Cons Ind electricity = 2041
26Cons Commerce electricity = 334-3501
27Cons Municip electricity = 50.31
28Cons Home heat = 250-3031
29Cons Ind heat = 57.11
30Cons Commerce heat = 2241
31Cons Municip heat = 3861
32Heat need = CHP heat + H heat1
Example table to describe the details about nonlinear equations.
Nonlinearity parameters(GWh /a)
1Heat needCHPcapacityResultCHP<1000CHP>100010000

Comparison of electricity use (total and household consumption)
Suzhou Kuopio Stuttgart
GW (country) 414 9.68 62.7 Source: Wolframalpha
persons in country 1000000000 5000000 80000000
W/person 414 1936 783.75
GWh/year (city) 625 296 1077 Source: Energy balance page of the city
MW 71.35 33.79 122.95
persons 2380000 100000 600000
W/person 29.98 337.9 204.91




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