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Information about Opasnet

Opasnet is a wiki-based website and workspace for helping societal decision making. Opasnet is maintained and developed by Jouni Tuomisto, Finland. The website collects, synthesises, and distributes people's values and scientific information. Opasnet welcomes anyone who wants to promote science-based decision-making in any field. The speciality is that the information is structured for both scientific scrutiny and for policy use at the same time. In practice, you can do original research, store data, make models, and perform policy assessments and discuss all of that work in one workspace.

Opasnet has a wide variety of topics based on collaborative work. Therefore, many pages are just stubs about what hopefully will eventually become solid scientific information. Therefore, we collaboratively curate many pages by improving the content and evaluating the quality. If you see a purple box on top of a page, it means that an expert of the field has checked the content.

Originally, the developers of Opasnet came from the field of environmental health, i.e. a research field that studies the impacts of environment on human health. We are actively working, among other things, on climate change and air pollution, but you can also start a new assessment about a decision of your own interest, or participate in an existing assessment.

Anyone can solve common problems.

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Opasnet is the web workspace for solving them by you, and by us together.

Learn from and participate in Opasnet

We can only help decision making if a large group of people participate in the work. Find your own ways to contribute and act!

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