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What costs curves should be used for different energy products?


Cost curves for energy(-)
11Kuopion energiaCoal and peatDemandCurrent€,ton0, -0.06
22Kuopio marketCoal and peatSupplyCurrent€,ton0, 0.5

Parameter ci are estimated from data: it is the current supply or demand given the current price (used as the point where p = 0).

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For detailed rationale, see Energy balance.

\Sigma f_i(p) = \Sigma (a_i p^2 + b_i p + c_i) = 0

p = \frac{-\Sigma b_i \pm \sqrt{(\Sigma b_i)^2 - 4 \Sigma a_i \Sigma c_i}} {2 \Sigma a_i}

Cost curves are parameterised in the way that the current price p = 0 and therefore the current supply or demand is ci.

When a demand or supply changes, a new price p must be calculated based on fi, and then the supplies and demands of other actors can be calculated, resulting in a new balance.

----#: . There is an alternative way to describe the functions:

  • Zero price is considered as 0 €/product unit. The true market price must be known. This function's parameters are more difficult to estimate. --Jouni 06:16, 28 January 2012 (EET) (type: truth; paradigms: science: comment)

----#: . There is also alternative possibilities for functional forms (p is the price of the product):

  • Exponential: P0 + P1 * exp(P2*p - P3) --Jouni 17:04, 28 January 2012 (EET) (type: truth; paradigms: science: comment)



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