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How to combine several similar tables rowwise in a clever way such that

  • information about missing columns can be given elsewhere?


Use this kind of summary tables. In addition, there is a need for an rcode that reads the table one row at a time, brings in the data from each table-to-be-combined, adds missing information, and combines the tables with rbind. At least one missing column must be added; that is the one that contains the identifier of the table-to-be-combined. In the example it is the person whose time sheet table is combined. If a table is missing a column that exists in other tables and the value is not defined in the summary table, "" is used as the value.

Using summary tables(-)
1Op_fi2334PersonJuliaJulia's time sheet
2Op_fi2481PersonAinoAino's time sheet
3Op_fi2702PersonVilmaVilma's time sheet
4Op_fi2334ExpertiseSummer workerJulia has no special expertise
5Op_fi2481ExpertiseSummer workerAino has no special expertise
6Op_fi2702ExpertiseSubstance expert (lower)Vilma has expertise on Jatropa but on a lower level (below PhD)


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