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Variable is a basic building block of an assessment. More information about variables.

Assessment is a process for describing a particular piece of reality in aim to fulfill a certain information need in a decision-making situation. More information about assessments.

Encyclopedia article
Encyclopedia articles are pages that are not formal assessment objects and not nuggets either. Unlike formal objects, they can have a flexible structure and they are not directly used in assessments as objects. More information about encyclopedia articles.

Blank page
Use this if you want create a blank page. Please note that pages without a page type should not be used; you should add the page type later. If you don't know a good page type, it is usually an encyclopedia article.

Basic guidelines

There are few basic guidelines which are good to keep in mind while naming articles:

  • Use descriptive names
  • Names can consist of several words
  • Numbers and spaces are allowed
  • Do not use special characters like # < > [ ] | { }
  • Names are case-sensitive
    • mediaWiki is same as MediaWiki but not same as mediawiki
    • Capitalization matters after the first letter but not in the first letter