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What are the classes of energy production and use?


Energy consumption classes(-)
1EnergyPrimary energy supplyItemProduction
2EnergyPrimary energy supplyItemImports
3EnergyPrimary energy supplyItemExports
4EnergyPrimary energy supplyItemIntl marine bunkers
5EnergyPrimary energy supplyItemIntl aviation bunkers
6EnergyPrimary energy supplyItemStock changes
7EnergyPrimary energy supplySumTotal primary energy supply
8EnergyEnergy conversionItemTransfers
9EnergyEnergy conversionItemStatistical differences
10EnergyEnergy conversionItemElectricity plants
11EnergyEnergy conversionItemCHP plants
12EnergyEnergy conversionItemHeat plants
13EnergyEnergy conversionItemGas works
14EnergyEnergy conversionItemPetroleum refineries
15EnergyEnergy conversionItemCoal transformation
16EnergyEnergy conversionItemLiquefication plants
17EnergyEnergy conversionItemOther transformation
18EnergyEnergy conversionItemOwn use
19EnergyEnergy conversionItemDistribution losses
20EnergyFinal energy useSumTotal final energy consumption
21EnergyFinal energy useIndustry sectorSumIndustry sector
22EnergyFinal energy useIndustry sectorItemIron and steel
23EnergyFinal energy useIndustry sectorItemChemical and petrochem
24EnergyFinal energy useIndustry sectorItemNon-ferrous metals
25EnergyFinal energy useIndustry sectorItemNon-metallic minerals
26EnergyFinal energy useIndustry sectorItemTransport equipment
27EnergyFinal energy useIndustry sectorItemMachinery
28EnergyFinal energy useIndustry sectorItemMining and quarrying
29EnergyFinal energy useIndustry sectorItemFood and tobacco
30EnergyFinal energy useIndustry sectorItemPaper, pulp and printing
31EnergyFinal energy useIndustry sectorItemWood and wood products
32EnergyFinal energy useIndustry sectorItemConstruction
33EnergyFinal energy useIndustry sectorItemTextile and leather
34EnergyFinal energy useIndustry sectorItemNon-specified
35EnergyFinal energy useTransport sectorSumTransport sector
36EnergyFinal energy useTransport sectorItemDomestic aviation
37EnergyFinal energy useTransport sectorItemInternational aviation
38EnergyFinal energy useTransport sectorItemRoad transport
39EnergyFinal energy useTransport sectorItemRail transport
40EnergyFinal energy useTransport sectorItemPipeline transport
41EnergyFinal energy useTransport sectorItemDomestic navigation
42EnergyFinal energy useTransport sectorItemInternational navigation
43EnergyFinal energy useTransport sectorItemNon-specified
44EnergyFinal energy useOther sectorsSumOther sectors
45EnergyFinal energy useOther sectorsItemResidential
46EnergyFinal energy useOther sectorsItemHeating
47EnergyFinal energy useOther sectorsItemCommunity & public services
48EnergyFinal energy useOther sectorsItemAgriculture & forestry
49EnergyFinal energy useOther sectorsItemFishing
50EnergyFinal energy useOther sectorsItemNon-specified
51EnergyFinal energy useNon-energy useSumNon-energy use
52EnergyFinal energy useNon-energy useItemin industry/transf./energy
53EnergyFinal energy useNon-energy useSubitemof which: feedstocks
54EnergyFinal energy useNon-energy useItemin transport
55EnergyFinal energy useNon-energy useItemin other sectors
56FuelItemCoal and peat
57FuelItemCrude oil
58FuelItemPetrochemical products
62FuelItemGeothermal solar wind
63FuelItemRenewables and waste


Classification is based on OECD energy balance sheets. See eg. heande:Energy balance in Finland (password-protected)



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