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What are the greenhouse gas and PM emissions in Kuopio?


For calculating the emissions of district heating of buildings, following is needed:

⇤--#: . The answer only considers emissions from buildings and the power-plant, other emissions from the agriculture and traffic are not represented in the answer --Adedayo 15:22, 24 January 2013 (EET) (type: truth; paradigms: science: attack)

----#: . The comment is good but try to specific and clear,for example what does traffic emession represent,air ,water, road or all, besides ,to what extent are agricultural and building emission related to the GHG emession --Sam0911 11:53, 17 February 2013 (EET) (type: truth; paradigms: science: comment)

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Greenhouse gas emissions in Kuopio(kton CO2e)
1Consumers' use of electricity2010126.961.31
2Electric heating201032.650.34
3District heating2010321.183.31
4Separate heating201041.10.42
7Waste management201020.550.21

The greenhouse gas emissions in Kuopio in 2010 (without industry). [1]

----#: . Assuming that CDE equals CO2e equals carbon dioxide equivalents. --Jouni 09:52, 8 February 2012 (EET) (type: truth; paradigms: science: comment)

The greenhouse gas emissions have grown in Kuopio from 1990. They're about the same as the emissions in other cities the same size. The most important sources of greenhouse gases are the district heating used to warm houses, other use of electricity, other use of fuels (the energy production of industry and fuels of construction vehicles) and traffic. The greenhouse gas emissions grow, if active operations to limit emissions from the traffic, the optimizing energy consumption and increasing the amount of renewable energy sources used aren't taken into action. [2]

On EU-level the basisline is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at least 20% from 1990 to 2020. During the same time period the portion of renewable energy sources is increased up to 20% and the related traffic biofuel use up to 10 %. On local level the energy efficiency agreements have a big effect. Along with the city of Kuopio different companies and other agents, such as farms and housing companies, have made these agreements. The energy efficiency agreement made by the city of Kuopio obligates the reduction in energy consumption by 9% (18.207 GWh) from 2005 to 2016.[2]

The greenhouse gas emissions caused by the city's own actions are only 8% of the total. The whole city corporation, including Kuopion Energia Oy, produces a significant part of the greenhouse gas emissions of Kuopio. The city can affect the emissions from it's own actions and the emissions from traffic by land usage and traffic planning. With advising and announcements the city can contribute to the increasing of energy efficiency of households and buildings. With it's corporate governance the city can also affect the actions and emissions of the whole city corporation.[2]


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  1. Kuopion kasvihuonekaasut 2008-2010 (The greenhouse gas emissions in Kuopio 2008-2010) (in Finnish) [1] The per resident is calculated using the approximation of 97000 to be the population of Kuopio.
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 Kuopion ilmastopoliittinen ohjelma 2009-2020, The programme of climate politics in Kuopio 2009-2020 (in Finnish) [2]

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