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What kind of building data is available in Kuopio?


Building data availability in Kuopio(#,#)
ObsData sourceClassification basisData pieceUnitNotes
1Building registryID codeAgea
2Building registryID codeFloor aream2
3Building registryID codeVolumem3
4Building registryID codePurpose of use-
5Building registryID codePrimary heating system-
6Building registryID codex coordinate-
7Building registryID codey coordinate-
8District heating registryContract numberBuilding type-
9District heating registryContract numberCity area-
10District heating registryContract numberFloor aream2
11District heating registryContract numberVolumem3
12District heating registryContract numberNumber of buildings#
13District heating registryContract numberNumber of residents#In many cases, default
14District heating registryContract numberHeat useMWh/a (2010)
15Electricity consumers -registryBuilding type or Sector of activityNumber of contracts#
16Electricity consumers -registryBuilding type or Sector of activityDaytime consumptionkWh/a (2010)
17Electricity consumers -registryBuilding type or Sector of activityNighttime consumptionkWh/a (2010)
18Electricity consumers -registryBuilding type or Sector of activityTotal consumptionkWh/a (2010)
19"Statfin" internet sourceHousehold sizeDwelling sizenumber of rooms
20Internet pages of Kuopio cityCity areaNumber of inhabitants#
21Internet pages of Kuopio cityCity areaMean age of inhabitantsa

Indoor environment quality (IEQ) -related data

  • It is suggested that following IEQ-related data would be collected. It is unclear whether data specific for Kuopio is available, or whether national data must be used.
    • Fractions of buildings with natural/automatic air exchange
    • Fraction of buildings with moisture damage
    • Fraction of buildings with indoor smoking
    • Fraction of buildings with indoor combustion (none in Kuopio?)
    • Fraction and location of "noisy" buildings (The amount of inhabitants living in noise areas is known).

Other data needed

  • Owner of buildings (city vs. private)
  • Amount and location of new construction (partly stated for Kuopio in its homepages)
  • Amount and location of buildings going to be renovated
  • Sociodemographic data - partly available for Kuopio
  • Fraction of GHG emissions caused by buildings (known for Kuopio) and how it will change in the future
    • Building regulations as what comes to energy efficiency (known for Kuopio); possible future changes


Formulas for random sample of buildings

Single-family houses (100)

sample (6:3418,100)

Row houses (30)

sample (3421:3823,30)

Apartment houses (50)

sample (3825:4800,50)

Stores (20)

sample (4805:4963,20)

Hotels, restaurants, health care buildings, theaters etc. (30)

sample (4966:5219,30)

Office buildings (30)

sample (4993:5086,30)

Sports (10)

sample (5440:5460,10)

Industrial buildings and warehouses (30)

sample (5228:5361,30)

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