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What are the greenhouse gas emissions in Rotterdam?




Greenhouse gas emissions in Rotterdam(kton CO2e, ton CO2e)
1Industry sector200925520
3Transport sector20092030

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The overall CO2 emission of Rotterdam in 2009 amounts to approximately 29 Mton, as compared to 24 Mton in 1990. Without the implementation of the climate programme, the expected economic growth of the Rotterdam region would take the overall emission of CO2 in Rotterdam up to 46 Mton in 2025.[1]

In 2009 88% of emissions in Rotterdam are caused by the industry and energy-generating facilities in the port area. 7% of emissions are generated by traffic and transport, while 5% are due to the built environment.[2]

In 1990 there were a total of 1.305 Kiloton CO2 emissions due to the built environment. The target therefore requires emissions to be reduces to only 650 Kton in 2025. If no additional measures are taken to tackle this problem, the emissions are expected to be 1.160 Kiloton in 2025. The target for the traffic and transport sector is 725 Kiloton in 2025. However, without additional climate measures, the prognosis is 2,600 Kiloton, meaning that a reduction of 1,875 Kilotons is required.[2]

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