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Summary of workpackage

Work package number: WP 4
Start date or starting event: Month 1
Work package title: Linking fish physiology to food production and bioaccumulation of dioxin
Activity Type: RTD
Participant number 4 1 2
Participant short name SLU UH THL
Person-months per participant 32 8 2

Contact information

Name Institution e-mail Responsibilities
Anna Gårdmark SLU anna.gardmark@slu.se PI; WP4 leader
Magnus Huss SLU magnus.huss@slu.se WP4 researcher
Johan Östergren SLU johan.ostergren@slu.se WP4 researcher
Andreas Bryhn SLU andreas.bryhn@slu.se WP4 researcher, task 4.6
Juoni Tuomisto THL juoni.tuomisto@thl.fi PI; WP4 researcher; task 4.6
Arja Haapasari THL arja.asikainen@thl.fi WP4 researcher; task 4.6
Päivi Haapasari UH paapasa@mappi.helsinki.fi PI; WP4 researcher; task 4.6



  • 4.1 Derive size-dependent life history parameters for salmon for model parameterization (SLU) (M12)
  • 4.2 Develop a physiologically structured population model parameterized for herring to also include salmon (SLU) (M24)
  • 4.3 Evaluate consequences of size-dependent salmon-herring interactions for community and population structure, dynamics and individual life history using the model (SLU) (M28)
  • 4.4 Manipulate herring population size-structure and body condition in the model to evaluate how bioaccumulation affect the transfer of dioxins from herring to salmon (SLU) (M34)
  • 4.5 Compile monitoring data on herring and salmon to analyze the interdependence of herring and salmon populations using time-series statistics (SLU) (M24)
  • 4.6 Compile output from model analyses (e.g. biomass, size-structure, size-at-age, dioxin levels etc) to feed into the Decision support model for integrated governance in WP6 aiming to evaluate potential management plans for Baltic herring fisheries (SLU, UH, THL) (M28-34, following tasks 4.3 and 4.4)


  • D4.1. MS (submitted): Effects of size dependent interactions between herring and salmon on community structure and individual performance; using monitoring data (M24). Responsible partner: SLU.
  • D4.2. Report/MS: Size dependent predator-prey interactions and the dynamics of herring and salmon in the Baltic Sea; using physiologically-structured population models (M30). Responsible partner: SLU.
  • D4.3. Report: Novel physiologically structured population model for herring and salmon to analyze bioaccumulation of dioxin in Baltic Sea fish (M34). Responsible partner: SLU.

This workpackage produced data and analyses about Baltic herring growth. However, due to the publishing policies of the participating institutes, it is not possible to open the data before it has been published in a scientific journal. Until then, the data will remain in Heande web workspace behind a password.

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