Consumer reactions on oily fish and methylmercury

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The Beneris project has performed an assessment about methylmercury and omega-3 fatty acids, and their impacts on intelligence quotient (IQ) in children.

Please help us by evaluating the assessment and the conclusions.

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These questions are about the case study related to fish intake of pregnant mothers and the impact on the intelligence quotient (IQ) of the child. Please look at the case study page and then follow the links to different parts of the assessment for more details if needed. Also try the links to the actual numerical results. Then, answer the following questions (1=strongly disagree,... 5=strongly agree).

  1. The content of the case study is informative.
  2. The content of the case study is relevant for making policy decisions about fish recommendations.
  3. The content of the case study seems reliable and scientifically justified.
  4. All information that is important to understand or accept the conclusions is available.
    • What information is missing?______________
  5. Based on the information available, I find the conclusions acceptable.
  6. An assessment that is chopped into several web pages is an efficient way for finding the key message.
  7. Please explain your reasoning for any questions above (refer to the question numbers).______________
  8. General or other comments about the case study?________________