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Health effects of Drinking Water Model

This example is model which is built for calculating health effects of drinking water and how water treatment processess affect to the outcome.

Ground water: Pathogenic concentrations

Water resource:

Cambylobacter-concentration estimation (microbe/l):

E.coli O157:H7 -concentration estimation (microbe/l):

Rotavirus-concentration estimation (microbe/l):

Norovirus-concentration estimation (microbe/l):

Cryptosporidium-concentration estimation (microbe/l):

Giardia-concentration estimation (microbe/l):

City default values:

Water purification: Purification processess and chlorinesation

Available purification methods:
Traditional purification
Highly effective purification
Enhanced purification
Slow sand filtration
Limestone filtration
Activated carbon filtration
UV filtration

Chlorine dose (mg/l):

Water network and consumers

Water consumption (ml):


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Polygons on dynamic Google Maps

This example plots municipalities of Finland on Google Maps using data from National Land Survey of Finland.

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Points on dynamic Google Maps

This examples plots buildings of Kuopio on Google Maps. User can give the minimum age of buildings to plot as an input parameter.

Building minimum age:

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Large quantity of points on a static Google Maps

This example plots large number of point data on static Google Maps. The map produced in this example shows the age (in years) distribution of buildings within Kuopio. User can select the number of age classes (4,6 or 8) and the type of classification.

Number of classes:

Type of classification:

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