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The Ball is an information ecosystem that is versatile and completely open source. It is developed by Citrus Oy.

"The Ball is our nickname for a group of tightly knitted components: ecosystem. At the Core is ADM which makes it possible to give names, actions (software functions) and information and thus can call these whenever it is needed.

This means whenever we need a "registration fucntionality" it is called as such and also the dependencies to e.g. databases, user rights (information) and so forth. In this way we quickly combine and construct new digital services: innovation.

All functionalities are shared realtime, revenue models can be attached to software functionalities and information. You have valuable information: ask money for it. You have a valuable algorythm: ask something for it. Think of nano and micro payments.

When the first customer project is up and running you see how easy it is to clone it, change some parameters, some labels, combine with other software functionalities and a new service is born. Host is in a secured cloud and let people use your new service.

In a following phase we shall focus on customizing the UI so it looks and feels like your own service (brand)."[1]

  • Applies to all technology platforms and programming languages
  • Incremental automation to traditional ICT
  • Technically superior compared to traditional ICT
  • Immediate ROI compared to traditional ICT
  • New business model(s) for the whole ecosystem[1]

The Ball methodology is:

  • NOT a framework
  • NOT a library
  • NOT (even) a tool
  • Completely free and dramatically simple methodology that anyone can start using in all the forms (using, contributing, sharing)

There’s no trick attached.

  • It is so simple that once understood, one can simply independently use it.
  • It is implicitly by technical design open source; it must be.
  • It is so simple (yet mathematically absolute) nobody can go beyond it enough to justify strict and paid licensing for the methodology.
  • It CANNOT be made closed source. Ever.
  • Its derivatives CANNOT be strict licensed. Ever.

It’s universal.

  • It is based on industry standards (XML) and mainstream elements and tools (T4 – available in MS Visual Studio and its open source alternative MonoDevelop)
  • Learning curve is nonexistent
  • All the required tools are available for general public (way before this methodology was even born) and intuitive to use.
  • It applies to all programming languages and all target platforms
  • It even applies to all the other textual form outputs such as documents and reports[2]

The Ball and health care

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