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Peer review
This page has been peer reviewed.
The page belongs to class Not defined.
The amount of respect is not defined.

Reviewers: Anonymous

The basis for the review is the quality and applicability of content for a potential reader. The target population may be different for different classes. See possible classes and typical respects.

This template is used on the talk page to show a brief evaluation of the peer review. There is no template for the full peer review. Instead, use the normal templates for discussion, located under the subtitle Peer review.

The parameters:

  • reviewers: user name(s) of the reviewer(s) (as [[User:Name|]] links)
  • class: To which page class this page belongs.
  • respect: How many onors is given by the reviewers to one event of reading the page. See typical number of onors for different page types.
  • evaluation: A brief summary of the main points of the review.
  • version: a permanent link to the page version that was reviewed.


The following text can be copied to the place where you want the review box to show up (typically to the Talk page under a subheading "Peer review"):

{{Peer review
|reviewers  = ~~~~
|class      = See possible classes from Category:Quality of an object
|respect    = Replace this text with the amount of [[onor]]s you want to give to the page.
|evaluation = Replace this text with the list of topics and their evaluations (;Topic: Evaluation).
|version    = Replace this text with the permanent link of the reviewed version.