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-- Jukka Hirvonen 17:35, 27 January 2013 (EET)

Update 31.1.2013: Editing done to main page based on suggestions in this page.

Homework 6 Jukka&Sami

Key Tasks:

As for first three key tasks, organized and with all included subheadings and content belonging to under right headings, the table of contents could look as follow:

1. Question 1.1 Keywords

2. Answer

3. Rationale 3.1 Data 3.2 Calculations 3.3 Dependencies

4. See also 5. References 6. Related files

There also could be sentence or two under to main title describing that what this question is about, t.ex "In Kuopio city different sources of heat and amounts of GWh are used to keep buildings warm."

In the Data and Calculations section there should be this "heatingEnergyKuopio" -package and the table called "Energy consumption of heating of buildings in Kuopio(GWh) should be printed in 2.Answer content.

In dependencies there could be construction year, year of energy consumption assessment and type of building, cause the heating energy source depends heavily on that.

The Rcode works otherwise fine, but it doesn't print the result table or result graph in Answer section. Existing codes seem to work fine.

Summary could be as follow: "This page introduces energy sources and amounts of energy used in heating for buildings in Kuopio city. Information is available from years 2008-2009 and it's from Benviroc Oy's CO2-raport. Results are presented as table form and in graph form."

Some Additional questions:

Q:Does the page have a correct page type? A: Yes, page type seems correct.

Q:Does the page have a question? Is it clear and unambiguous? A: Yes, question is clear

Q:Does the page have an answer to the question? Does it actually give an answer to what is asked? A: Yes, answer is clear too and answers to actual question.

Q:With variables, is the answer given as a link to a model run with calculated results? If yes, A: Yes, there is link directly to results, actual calculations are not presented

Q:Does the model run have a clear result table? A:Yes Q:Does the model run have a clear result graph? A:Yes Q:Is it clear where the code that was used to run the results is? A:"Show code" shows the code and libraries used and there is description in each part of the code, so yes.

Q:Are there data on the page that is needed to answer the question? Are it in machine-readable format (i.e., in t2b table or directly stored in the database)? A: Data seems to be directly stored in database.

Q:Does the page have an evaluation (edistymisluokitus) in either a separate box in the beginning, or in the metadata box? A: evaluation seems to be missing.

Q:Does the page have other subheadings (See also, References, Related files, Keywords)? A: Keywords -part seem to be missing, i think it would be could to include in the very beginning of page.Q:Are there links to other related pages? Are relevant links missing? A: There is links to other pages and they seem to be mostly relevant. There is no any links in References section.

Q:Do you find errors or mistakes on the page? A: The actual result table is situated under the Data section, and the actual data is not visible or it stored inside the database, so this is clearly a mistake.