PM 2.5 concentration indoors from indoor sources in Finland

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This variable describes the indoor air PM 2.5 concentration in Finland originating from indoor sources, such as environmental tobacco smoke (ETS), cooking and wood stove combustion.



Description of the data used for obtaining the value of the variable
(e.g. measurement data; mathematical method and its parameters). 
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Model [1]

Cindoor sources = (NcigScig)/(a+k)Vt + (Scooktcook)/(a+k)Vt + (Swood stovetwood stove)/(a+k)Vt + (Scombustiontcombustion)/(a+k)Vt

  • Cindoor sources = PM2.5 concentration in indoors from indoor sources (µg/m3)
  • Ncig = number of cigarettes smoked in the time t
  • Scig = a source strength for cigarettes (µg particles per cigarette)
  • V = volume of the room (m3)
  • a = aeration (h-1)
  • t = time (h)
  • K = average deposition (h-1)
  • Scook = a source strength for cooking (µg/h)
  • tcook = time of cooking activities (h)
  • Swood stove = a source strength factor for wood stove (µg/h)
  • twood stove = time of wood stove use (h)
  • Scombustion = a source strength factor for other combustion sources (e.g. natural gas, fuel oil) (µg/h)
  • tcombustion = Time of heating with other combustion sources (h)




Algebra or other explicit methods if possible
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If possible, a numerical expression or distribution.

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