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In order to copy texts in a read-only file form (such as pdf) or a picture into Opasnet without writing the whole text, an optical character recognition (OCR) program must be used.

  • Open the file or picture.
  • Take a screenshot of the desired area to be copied by pressing the Print screen (or PrtSc) -button. Half a page should be large enough in a pdf, depending on the quality of the text.
  • Paste the screenshot into an image editing program, for example MS Paint.
  • Remove undesired areas of the screenshot, leaving only a white page with text.
  • Save the image
  • Go to and upload the image.
  • Choose the desired language.
  • Type the words in the box below.
  • Click the "Send file" -button.
  • Copy the generated text into Opasnet.
  • Proofread the text and modify it to meet Opasnet standards where necessary, for example line spacing.

If there seem to be an unreasonable amount of mistakes compared to the original text, try zooming in a bit more before taking the screenshot.

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