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What are the heights (and weights) in subgroups of Finnish population?



The most comprehensive information on heights of Finnish children are gender specific growth curves. They were previously used to extract the mean and 95% confidence interval (CI) of height at each age (month or year) from 0 to 18 years. See results of variable Height of 0-18 year old Finnish children. Based on this information probability distributions of heights of children aged 0-2 years and 2-18 years were constructed. Heights of males and females are studied separately. It was assumed that the height for each 1-month or 1-year age specific interval follows a normal distribution with mean being the mean reported in growth tables and standard deviation (SD) being the higher value of SDs calculated from the bounds of the 95% CI. 2500 values of heights for each 1-month and 1-year age interval were simulated from respective normal distributions and then grouped to match groups 0-2 years (months from 0 to 24) and 2-18 years (years from 2 to 18). Since none of parametric distributions fits the resulting data sets the empirical distribution of heights was constructed. Moreover, based on simulated data Spearman's rank correlation between age and height in each age/gender group was calculated.

Results of one simulation. For each age/gender group mean height, standard deviation (sd) and five percentiles (5th, 25th, 50th, 75th, 95th) are provided.

0-2 years males 0-2 years females 2-18 years males 2-18 years females
mean 73.4702 72.5382 133.7701 131.3875
sd 10.1565 10.082 26.7919 25.8096
p5 53.5802 53.6169 89.6924 87.2984
p25 66.9607 65.5615 112.7309 110.5635
p50 75.4076 73.968 134.202 132.3863
p75 81.2614 80.4295 155.0239 155.0243
p95 87.1823 86.706 176.0145 176.7712

Spearman's rank correlation per age and gender:

0-2 years males 0-2 years females 2-18 years males 2-18 years females
Spearman's rank correlation 0.944 0.948 0.976 0.968

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