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1) What is the main purpose of environmental health assessment?

- To identify environmental based risks that can afford health risks to humans.

- Goal is to prevent human exposure to these risks. This can be done for example by setting limit values to the specific environmental risk factor. This bases on the scientific knowledge of the nature of the risk factor

2) Shared understanding

-Means a situation where all participants understand how certain decision is being made.

Shared understanding requires that all participants know:

a) what decision option are considered

b) what outcomes are of interest

c) what objects are being dealt with

d) what kind of opinions, disagreements and facts exist and why

e) and why certain decision option was selected

-Shared understanding have to be written down and be easily shared with everyone who want to know about the decision.

-Mostly used in:

a) The execution of decision support

b) Evaluation and management of the work

c) Co-creation skills and facilitation (organise and synthesise the information)

3) What are co-creation skills?

-certain set of capabilities that are needed in open privacy practice. These co-creation skills are particularly needed in the decision making process to produce good and suitable decisions which naturally leads to good outcomes.

-collection of skills that manage open decision process in practice

-Divided in four cathegories:

1) Encouragement

-skills that help people attend in the decision process, learn from each others and produce good information.

2) synthesis

-skills that are needed to synthesise the information obtained into a more structured and useful format.

3) Open data

-Skills that are needed to convert information to the machine-readable data. This way the data can be used in assessment models.

4) Models

-Modeling skills include skills that for developing actual assessment models based on generic methods and case-specific data.

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