Usability of Mediawiki as a collaborative workspace for knowledge creation

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Main message:

How do the various collaborative elements of Opasnet wiki support knowledge creation?



  • Refactor the current Peer rating extension. The new extension system should have two rating bars: scientific quality and usefulness.


  • Questionnaire to OpasNet users
    • Roles of OpasNet users (administrator, researcher, reader, ...)
  • Personal research diary
  • Interviews, personal communications?

Thoughts on scope

Possible issues with the rating system

  • Do users know how to rate pages? How do they understand the scale of rating?
    • Possibility of a "paperclip assistant" to help users understand the rating system, or encourage them to use it? ("First time here? Learn more about rating bar!")
  • Do users bother rating pages? Do users need to be encouraged to rate, do the users notice the rating tools?
  • Usability: are the rating tools easy to use and clear?
  • What are the benefits of the ratings to the author(s) of the page?
  • What are the benefits of the ratings to other users?

Discussion tools

  • The Discussion tools should be included in the study.


  • Wiki editing conflicts (multiple users editing a page)
  • MediaWiki citing markup for sources (if it is somehow relevant)