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How to read discussions

Fact discussion: .
Opening statement:

Closing statement: Resolution not yet found.

(A closing statement, when resolved, should be updated to the main page.)

If closingStatement is missing, then the text says: "Resolution not yet found". If the parameter resolved has content, such as "Yes", the page will be categorised into Category:Resolved discussions. This means that the current closing statement has been updated to the main page (and this is mentioned on the page). If it is empty, the page will be categorised to Category:Ongoing discussions, and the closing statement should be updated to the main page when found. Discussions are categorised to fact and value discussions depending on the type parameter. For details, see Discussion.

arg2370: . Should we categorise discussions to "parameters should be updated" if they use depreciated paramaters such as statements or resolution? It is not a huge work to update, but on the other hand it has little value. --Jouni (talk) 12:33, 24 September 2018 (UTC) (type: ; paradigms: science: relevant attack)

|id = Unique identifier for the discussion on this page.
|type= Type of discussion, either fact or value (there might be a need for other discussion types).
|openingStatement = One or more claims that will be discussed.
|closingStatement = Outcome of the discussion, i.e. acceptable claims.
|resolved = "Yes" if the current resolution has been updated to the main text referring to the discussion.
|title = Resolution in a few words (shown on graphs).
|argumentation = A hierarchical thread of arguments. Each argument should be on its own line, and hiererchy is decribed using indents (colon characters : in the beginning of the line).