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Dioxin PBPK model
The results are total amounts (ng) of dioxin, except blood concentration (ng/l).

See the model documentation

The input data used for this variable:
  • Intake at age 0 - 5 a (ng/min) {{{dose1}}}
  • Intake at age 5 - 10 a (ng/min) {{{dose2}}}
  • Intake at age 10-15 a (ng/min) {{{dose3}}}
  • Intake at age 15 - 40 a (ng/min) {{{dose4}}}
  • Intake at age 40 - a (ng/min) {{{dose5}}}
  • Start of peak intake (days) {{{peakstart}}}
  • End of peak intake (days) {{{peakend}}}
  • Additional peak intake (ng/min) {{{peakdose}}}

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