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-- Jukka Hirvonen 21:51, 27 January 2013 (EET)

Update 31.1.2013: Editing done to main page based on suggestions in this discussion page

Homework 6 Jukka&Sami

Key Tasks:

Content frame and subheadings order could look as following:

1.Question 1.1 Keywords


3. Rationale 3.1 Data 3.2 Calculations 3.3 Dependencies

4.See also 5. References 6. Related files

There could be first brief sentence under top-heading describing what this page is about, like "Population of Kuopio consists of smaller city areas and their number of residents, also the mean age differs depending on city area."

Data and Calculations -sections are missing and there is no any Rcode or description of code that how it is calculated and where the original data is from. Dependencies are also missing and there could be mentioned dependencies like: size of each city area and borderlines separating city areas.

Summary could be as follow: "This page introduces Population of Kuopio in each city area and mean age in each city area" There should be finally total population and mead age in Kuopio.

Some Additional questions:

Q:Does the page have a correct page type? A: Yes, page type seems correct.

Q:Does the page have a question? Is it clear and unambiguous? A: Yes, question is clear

Q:Does the page have an answer to the question? Does it actually give an answer to what is asked? A: Yes, answer is clear and answers to actual question.

Q:With variables, is the answer given as a link to a model run with calculated results? If yes, A: There's no link to model used or any calculations or rcode.

Q:Does the model run have a clear result table? A:Yes, result table is clear but there is no model run presented. Q:Does the model run have a clear result graph? A:No graph at all Q:Is it clear where the code that was used to run the results is? A: There is no any code or calculations presented.

Q:Are there data on the page that is needed to answer the question? Are it in machine-readable format (i.e., in t2b table or directly stored in the database)? A: There is no data available on this page

Q:Does the page have an evaluation (edistymisluokitus) in either a separate box in the beginning, or in the metadata box? A: evaluation is missing because this page is a stub.

Q:Does the page have other subheadings (See also, References, Related files, Keywords)? A: All these subheadings are found on the page, but Keywords and References sections are empty.Q:Are there links to other related pages? Are relevant links missing? A: There is links to other pages in See also -section but hardly any of links gives relevant information regarding to question in this page.

Q:Do you find errors or mistakes on the page? A: "Formula" -section seems useless in this page and it might be good idea to situate Keywords -section in the beginning of the page.

About Answer: -- Sami Rissanen 12:25, 4 February 2013 (EET)

Answer is not complete, because there is lack of information about mean ages.