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Peer review

Peer review
A version of this page has been peer reviewed.
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Reviewers: Jouni

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Fact discussion: .
Opening statement: This is a test review.

Closing statement: Accepted.

(Resolved, i.e., a closing statement has been found and updated to the main page.)

←--1: . The review is just a test to gain experience. --Jouni 14:38, 19 March 2010 (UTC) (type: truth; paradigms: science: defence)


Acknowledgements for producing this page
The contents of this page have been produced by the following group of contributors. One of the contributors is called the shoulders of giants. This means existing information that was simply collected, not created by the contributors. So, the giants should get the merit for the information, while the contributors should get the merit for collecting it. The merit is distributed among the contributors according to the fractions of merit, which sum up to 1.
Contributor Fraction of merit
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