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Statement is a presentation of opinion or position about something that is (ie., a scientific statement) or something that should be (ie., a moral statement). Open assessment is based on statements whose validity and coherence is evaluated by a group. All statements considered valid by a group form the shared belief system of that group. It is important to understand that different groups may consider a statement valid even if some other group considers it invalid. This is because the rules that are used to evaluate validity may be different in different groups. The set of rules that all groups must use in open assessment to evaluate validity are called inference rules. In addition to inference rules, a group may agree upon other rules applied in the shared belief system of that group.

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Every sentence in open assessments can be considered to be a statement. Hoverer, there are two specific situations where the concept of statement is crucial. First, a result consists of a set of valid statements that are used as hypotheses of the research question. Second, one or more statements can be used as a starting point of a formal discussion; the topic of the discussion is whether the statements are valid or not.

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