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Examples of classifications under the index Sector.

Primary supply: Production Imports Exports Intl marine bunkers Intl aviation bunkers Stock changes (From OECD energy balance sheets)

Primary use: Transfers; Statistical differences; Electricity plants; CHP Plants; Heat plants; Gas works; Petroleum refineries; Coal transformation; Liquefication plants; Other transformation; Own use; Distribution losses (From OECD energy balance sheets)

Final use: Iron and steel; Chemical and petrochem; Non-ferrous metals; Non-metallic minerals; Transport equipment; Machinery; Mining and quarrying; Food and tobacco; Paper, pulp & printing; Wood and wood products; Construction; Textile and leather; Industry/Non-specified; Domestic aviation; Road transport; Rail transport; Pipeline transport; Domestic navigation; Transport/Non-specified; Residential; Community & public services; Agriculture & forestry; Fishing; Other/Non-specified; Non-energy use in industry/transf./energy; Non-energy use in transport; Non-energy use in other sectors; (From OECD energy balance sheets)

Sector: Lignite fired power plants w/o CCS; Hard Coal fired power plants w/o CCS; Gas fired power plants w/o CCS; Lignite fired power plants with CCS; Hard Coal fired power plants with CCS; Gas fired power plants with CCS; Oil fired power plants; Nuclear power plants; Re-Newable (incl. PV, Wind, Hydro, GeoThermal, etc. but not "Bio fuel"); Bio Fuel; other (from Matrix 5 fron USTUTT)