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What are the most important roles, tasks, and functionalities in the information work in Opasnet, and what are their interrelations?


Based on own thinking and practical experience of open assessment.


Roles in an assessment:

  • Interested citizen
  • Decision maker or other problem owner
  • Stakeholder
  • Expert
  • Assessor (a person whose explicit task is to perform an assessment; usually an expert)
  • Official user (based on a formal position)
  • Virtual government


  • Information use
  • Information production
  • Value judgement
  • Evaluation of content
  • Method development

Content types:

  • Textual information
  • Numerical data and results
  • Numerical information on dependencies of variables
  • Practical advice for users


  • Wiki
  • Discussion tools
  • Opasnet Base
  • R modelling platform
  • Bayes updating
  • Bayes inference and conditioning
  • Decision analysis
  • Value of information analysis
  • Respect analysis
  • Operating procedures
  • Collaborative information production
  • Mass collaboration tools
  • Information structure

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