Reporting an assessment

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In this phase the information created in the assessment is compiled and conveyed to the intended users.

Structure of the process

Input format


  • Interpretation
  • Communication with users & stakeholders
  • Evaluation
  • Documentation & presentation


Output format

The outcome of this phase, and thus also the outcome of the whole assessment, becomes realized in the form of an assessment report that concludes the major findings of the assessment. It could contain e.g. the following parts:

  • Name of the risk assessment
  • Scope: Purpose, Boundaries, Scenarios, Optimizing, Analyses, Intended users, Participation in the assessment
  • Variables (set of variables included): Decision variables, Outcomes of interest (=indicators), Other variables
  • Results of indicator variables, other selected variables, assessment-specific analyses
  • Conclusions on indicators given scope
  • Summary


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