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The Open Source Science Project (OSSP) is a web-based company founded and managed by a team of academics, researchers, and engineers. OSSP empowers people to actively meet - and overcome - the challenges our world face through innovation and research. OSSP develops free web-based tools that will facilitate communication between researchers and non-researchers, as well as increase the accessibility of unfiltered scientific data and information through open licensing.

The Open Source Science Project is an organization wholly dedicated to rendering transparent the 'black-box' of contemporary scientific research and increasing its accessibility by affording all individuals - irrespective of geographic, cultural, socio-economic, academic, or personal background; the opportunity to participate directly in the scientific research process.

Since its founding in early 2008, The Open Source Science Project has developed a number of web-based tools to empower all individuals and communities to more directly participate in the scientific research process.[1]

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