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Opasnet workers are self-organised groups of people who edit and improve Opasnet pages without having this task as a part of their work as employees of an organisation. The motivation may be interest in the topic, fun, merit, or money paid on specific tasks by organisations.


What are the rules for Opasnet workers


  • Everyone can work in Opasnet on any topic as long as they obey the rules of Opasnet.
  • People may be paid by organisations if they perform tasks specifically assigned by these organisations. The current practices for this are described in List of open tasks and op_fi:Avoimia tehtäviä (in Finnish).


Try and find answer to these questions.

  • How to distinguish work that is paid for by THL and that is not?
  • How to motivate people to recruit new Opasnet workers?
  • Should THL or someone else pay for learning to do Opasnet work or only about the work itself?
  • For assigned work, is hourly wage a good method to measure the work or should other methods be used?
  • How to measure the quality of work? Can peer evaluation be used (other workers evaluate the quality of your work)? How is this done in practice?
  • Should there be an explicit system do describe the level of competence or expertise of Opasnet workers, in the same way as there are different levels of belt colours in judo?

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