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All extensions that are possibly suitable for Heande are listed and described here.

Tested Extensions

Name Usage Date Implemented
PdfExport Enables pdf export from wikipages 29.12.2010 Yes
ePubExport Generates ebook file from a wikipage in epub format 15.12.2010 No (Did not work, only exported empty files)
ContactPage adds contact -page (Special:Contact) 29.9.2010 Yes
SocialBookmarking adds social bookmarking banner to wikipagegs 22.6.2010 No (Works but we can do this without this extension)
TodoTasks Adds tasklist functionality to wikipages 7.6.2010 Yes (needed some fixes, see opasnet:TodoTasksFixes
Tasks Adds tasklist functionality to wikipages 24.5.2010 No (Works partially, special page doesn't create correct links, checkout later)
GoogleWave Adds GoogleWaves to wikipages 20.5.2010 Yes
Tasks2 Should add a task list functionality 10.05.2010 No (Doesn't work. Some missing function)
Progressbar This extension adds a simple progress bar on a page. 07.05.2010 No (no use for this, works though)
Rating Bar Enables rating bar usage 07.04.2010 No (we developed our own similar extension)
Discussion Adds discussion functionality to pages 22.12.2009 Yes
AvbDisQus Adds Disqus commenting system into wiki 18.12.2009 No
ArticleComments Comment related extension 18.12.2009 No (not very pretty but seem to do the trick...)
WordPressComments Adds Wordpress comments into wiki 17.12.2009 No (Requires installation of WordPress)
PostComment Commenting related extension 17.12.2009 No (This add commentbox to discussion page, not much use for Opasnet)
CommentBox Comment related extension 17.12.2009 No (does not allow comments if page is protected)
JSKitComments JSKitComments 17.12.2009 No (Works but should be somehow included into every wiki page)
CommentPages Adds Comment tab to wikipages 16.12.2009 No (works but is not suitable for Opasnet, just creates new tab for comments, very similar to discussion tab)
SimpleCalendar Calendar 27.10.2008 Yes (seems to work ok)
Simsong/Calendar Calendar 27.10.2008 No (Does not work, seems good though, maybe we should check this out later)
CategorySuggest Adds category suggest box at the bottom of edit page 16.10.2008 No (It does not automatically fetch category names, but you have to write names manually. It searches category names automatically if first letters are given)
SelectCategory Adds category list before save button in edit page 16.10.2008 No (Needs modification, does not work perfectly, slows down system a lot)
AjaxRatingScript Enables rating of pages 9.10.2008 No (test use in Heande for a little while)Problem with IP-addresses
JSKitRating Enables rating of pages 6.10.2008 No (didn't work)
AjaxWhosOnline Shows whos online 7.10.2008 No (seems to work but it is not very usable)
Ratings Page rating 6.10.2008 No (Problem with IP-addresses)
ReCAPTCHA Captcha 6.10.2008 Yes
EmailAddressImage creates images from email-addresses 6.10.2008 Yes
ImagePlus Extra button for easier image adding 18.9.2008 Yes
CategoryTree Creates trees from categories 30.6.2008 Yes
CategoryLink Linking on categories 23.6.2008 No
CategoryStepper Navigation based on categories 23.6.2008 No
NiceCategoryList2 Better categorylists 23.6.2008 Yes
AuthorProtect Enables authors to protect pages 17.6.2008 on Opasnet with MediaWiki 1.12 Yes
Lockdown Page access restrictions 1.4.2008 Yes
NamespacePermissions Page access restrictions 28.3.2008 on Heande with MediaWiki 1.11 yes

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