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Object design tool is for describing the variables and risk assessments in detail. The contents of the objects (from technical perspective) are described below.

  1. The descriptions of the attributes as text, tables, figures, and hyperlinks. Some large tables or data files may be included. Some of the text may be computer code to be used in a software outside the collaborative workspace. Strict version control is needed for the whole content management of the objects.
  2. The discussions about the content of attributes. Discussions are basically hierarchically structured (threaded) pieces of argumentation, which are in one of five different states (attack, defence, comment, invalid attack, invalid defence). The state may change depending on the context of an argument. When the state of an argument has been changed, the change may have a cascade effect on the states of the other arguments in the thread; this process could in principle be performed automatically.

Structure of the process

Input format


  1. Descriptions of attributes:
    • Mediawiki: Object attributes are described as parts of the wiki page where the object is. Guidance on how to fill in the substance can be given in the Guidebook (open in a separate window).
    • Other alternatives: Plone, TYPO3, from the scratch
  2. Discussions:
    • Mediawiki: Discussions are described in the Talk page of the object. Templates are used to reflect the state. Hierarchical structure is created by using the formatting codes of Mediawiki.
    • Other alternatives: Plone, TYPO3, from the scratch, using ready made discussion forums (e.g. PhpMyForum, phpBB, MyBB, ....)


Output format


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