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Issue farming is the process of defining the issue that will be assessed. Its aim is to specify the scope and key elements and boundaries of the issue to be considered, and to provide the explicit rationale for the assessment. Issue framing should specify:
  • the purpose of the assessment (why it is being done, for whom)
  • the scope and boundaries of the issue (what is included and what is not)
  • the main factors and links to be considered in the assessment, variables, indicators and causality
  • the target area, time period and population (including specific age, gender or social groups)
  • key assumptions (e.g. value judgements and stakeholder interests that have shaped the specification of the issue
  • the process by which the issue was defined and agreed (who was involved, what consultation methods were used).<section end=glossary />


"David's paper of May 2006 on scoping - some new developments in SP1"