Introduction of Integrated Environmental Health Impact Assessment System (IEHIAS)

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Aim and purpose

This Toolbox is designed to help people design and carry out integrated environmental health impact assessments. It is aimed primarily at policy-makers who may commision assessments or need to use their results and scientists responsible for conducting assessments. However, it is also expected to be useful for other stakeholders involved in assessments, as well as students who wish to learn about the principles and methods used.

The purpose of the Toolbox is threefold:

  1. to encourage the application of more integrated methods of assessment in order to improve decision-making and make policy more inclusive;
  2. to help to establish clear principles and approaches for integrated assessment of environmental health issue, so that the assessments are both more reliable and more consistent;
  3. to provide a general resource for people invvolved in assessments, which will help them save time in searching for and evaluating useful data and methods.

Structure and scope

The Toolbox comprises three main sections.

A Guidance system

  • explaining concept of integrated environmental health impact assessment,
  • describing the steps involved in conducting an assessment, and
  • giving pointers to useful methods and techniques.

A Toolkit containing:

  • a selection of relevant data sets, methods, models and examples of previous assessments;
  • descriptions of (and links to) a range of external resources (including models and data sources).

Access to an Integrated Assessment Platform:

  • providing an environment in which to carry out collaborative assessments and to link and run analyses at different, remote sites.


Videos on Integrated assessment