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It is possible, although not recommended, to protect pages in Opasnet. All versions of all pages are stored and they can be returned in a case of vandalism. Only in rare cases where a page is systematically attacked, it should be protected against editing. A page may contain material that cannot be openly available due to legal reasons, or because someone has provided information that is owned by someone and the owner does not want the information to be openly available. In such a case, the information should either be removed or moved to the project web site Heande. Heande has a restricted access and people may distribute unpublished material; others do not have rights to take any material out of Heande without an expicit permission from the information owner.

Access can be be limited in 2 ways:

  • group based access (only specified persons can see and edit the page). This is only used in Heande.
  • read-only access (only a specified group can edit the page)

Note! It is not possible to protect files yet.

If you wish to create a protected page or you would like to have some page protected you can request protection from sysop using contact form below:


Wiki username: <emailform name=40 />
Email: <emailform from=40 />
reason for protection,
list who can access etc.)
<emailform comments=80x8 />
<emailform submit="Send request" />

<emailform result="result"> Thank you! Your request will processed as soon as possible. </emailform>