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The Integrated resource platform is a system containing tools and data that support the new risk assessment methodology. It will allow users to find data and tools of interest for their own risk assessments. In the Integrated resource platform, users can consult these data or tools (for example to check the coherence of their own data) and possibly use them (alone or with their own set of data) in the collaborative workspace to run a simulation. The pages of the Integrated resource platform will be linked to the pages in the Guidebook for which they have relevance. Furthermore, there will be a keyword system based on databases and tools. Resources will be classified by thematics corresponding exactly to the relevant phases of the integrated assessment methodology described by SP1. These thematics will be linked to the Guidebook. In each thematics, search will be possible using keywords. The result of each search will give access 1) to factsheets and 2) to links to external resources (for data) and/or internal resources (for tools : calculators etc.).

Primarisk is an example of an existing integrated resource platform.

Table. Different parts of the Integrated resource platform according to their openness and structure.

Type of content Freely structured Standard variable structure
Public domain, open access
Restricted or copyrighted Data gateway (metadata about external sources))