Goherr: Task 5.3 Determinants of fish eating habits

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The impact of different eating habits (demand of different sizes of herring) on the state of the fish stocks and finally the Baltic Sea needs to be evaluated.

Also, determinants (such as age and knowledge about dioxins or recommendations) and trends in people’s eating habits will be studied by using a questionnaire targeted to a large sample of consumers in selected case studies (different Baltic Sea countries). The results will be used in the scenario modelling related to the use of herring and salmon in WP3, and finally in the Decision Support Model of WP6. The analyses will help to understand how improved information for consumers may impact the consumption, and health benefits and risks related to the consumption.


This survey will be done in Denmark, Sweden, Estonia and Finland during September and October 2016. Results are available at the end of 2016 and after that those will be fed into the risk benefit model of WP5. Content of the questionnaire can be accessed in Google drive.