Energy consumption of Bioher plant

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Total heating consumption by plant in Bioher. Analytica model can be found here.


Fig 1. Total heating consumption by electricity heating in Bioher.


Table 1. Proportion of fuel type in own heating (description in: Heating systems in buildings in Finland)

Fuel type Proportion
Own 0.34
Electricity 0.28
District 0.38

Table 2. Energy efficiency of plant energy production by fuel type.

Fuel type of plant Efficiency
Heavy oil 0.9
Wood chips 0.7
Geothermal 0
Other 0

Table 3. Fraction of fuel type used in plant

Fuel type of plant Fraction
Heavy oil 0.5
Wood chips 0.3
Geothermal 0.1
Other 0.1


Upstream variables:

Calculation is based on method that is reported in Heating consumption of buildings and on variable presented in Floor area in Bioher.

Downstream variables:

Emissions in Bioher




<anacode>var a:= Floor_area_in_bioher[fuel='District']+Floor_area_in_bioher[fuel='Other']*Fuel_type_of_other[Fuel_type_of_other='District']; a*Total_heating_consum*Efficiency_by_fuel_t*Fraction_of_fuel_typ</anacode>


Table 4. Total heating consumption (kWh/year) by plant heating in Bioher.

Heavy oil Wood chips Total
Detached house 932262 435055 1367317
Row house 1404693 655523 2060216
Block house 7177040 3349285 10526325
Total 9513994 4439864 13953858

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