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What are the damages per unit purchased commodity using a life-cycle assessment?


There are two parts to this: damage vector and damage factor. For details, see Show results .

For an example of an actual LCA, see LCA of a coffee cup.

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Damages are calculated using this formula:

damages_{s,c,d} = \frac{ activity_s * impactsPD_{s,c} * damagesPI_{c,d} * 365}{normalisation_d},


  • damages are the damages caused by the activity in meaningful units such as DALYs,
  • activity are the direct inputs of an activity (in Euro), such as in LCA of a coffee cup, table Direct inputs of a coffee cup,
  • impactsPD or impactsPerDollar are data from the damage vector (size 430*17) in Opasnet Base of this page,
  • damagesPI or damagesPerImpact are data from the Damage factors table below,
  • normalisation are impacts turned into meaningful units such as in Normalisation data for life cycle assessments#Data
  • the outcome is scaled by 365 to reflect yearly impacts ⇤--#: . I'm not sure why, if the activity is in functional units and it is not clear that the activity happens once per day. --Jouni (talk) 17:30, 29 January 2014 (EET) (type: truth; paradigms: science: attack)
  • s is purchasing sector,
  • c is unique category (this is often summed up so that it does not show in the damage variable),
  • d is damage index.


Damage vector

The damage vector contains 430 purchasing sectors and 17 unique categories of impact. See Show results .

Damage factors

Damage factors are described in the table below.

⇤--#: . The units should be explained! --Jouni (talk) 07:34, 28 December 2013 (EET) (type: truth; paradigms: science: attack)

Damage factors(-)
ObsUnique_categoriesHuman healthEcosystem qualityClimate changeResourcesWater consumption
3Respiratory inorganics0.00070000
4Ionizing radiation0.000000000210000
5Ozone layer depletion0.001050000
6Respiratory organics0.000002130000
7Aquatic ecotoxicity00.0000502000
8Terrestrial ecotoxicity00.00791000
9Terrestrial acidification/nutrification01.04000
10Land occupation01.09000
11Aquatic acidification00000
12Aquatic eutrophication00000
13Global warming00100
14Non-renewable energy00010
15Mineral extraction00010
16Water withdrawal00000
17Water consumption00001


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