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Category:Index]] This page contains indices.


How should the indices be operationalised so that

  • when you load a model or data, you don't need to think whether the index exists already.
  • The indices that repeat the same theme (e.g., age) can be handled in a practical way without large management (e.g. no need for a separate wiki page for each individual index)?


  • All age indices (for example) may be put into one wiki page and use the same Ident.
    • These indices are treated as one index in Opasnet, although they are separate indices in Analytica.
  • The Ident is descriptive, such as Age, Sex, Year and so on. This can be used also as identifier in Analytica.
    • If the Ident of an index is omitted, the identifier is used. Note! All variables must have Idents like Op_en1912. (Why?)
  • The set memberships of indices in dimensions are described afterwards, so the data uploader does not need to worry about that.
  • The index wiki pages and the wiki page names to the Base are added afterwards by a moderator, so the data uploader does not neet to worry about that.
  • If an index exists but does not have the locations that the variable uses, the new locations are simply added.
  • Sets and items are not filled at all, because it is not crucial.

Problem: if you can have any number of rows for every index, it becomes unclear how these rows are ordered. How do you do this?

  • If two rows are equal, do you want to use the same row number to those? If yes, how do you know which one is preferable?
    • There must be some preferred row among equal rows, like Male and Female are preferred over 1 and 2.
      • The preference can vary depending e.g. on the language which with you operate?

Temporary conclusions: The idea of non-fixed-row indices makes the system so much flexible in the upload and interpretation phase that I would go for that even if the download phase is unclear.

  • There is probably a need for moderator management. The moderator tells the system which rows are equal, so the user does not need to think about that.

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