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D = IR*P*RF*ET*EF*ED / (BW*AT) where
  • D = dose (mg/
  • IR = inhalation rate (m3/h)
  • P = particle concentration in air (mg/m3)
  • RF = respirable fraction of particles (dimensioless)
  • ET = exposure time (hours/day)
  • EF = exposure frequency (days/year)
  • ED = exposure duration (years)
  • BW = body weight (kg)
  • AT = averaging time (days) [1]

For dose over a lifetime the formula can be simplified to D = (IR)(P)(RF)/BW B⊙

  1. Schwela D, Morawska L, Kotzias D (Eds.) 2002. Guidelines for concentration and exposure-response measurement of fine and ultra fine particulate matter for use in epidemiological studies. WHO and JRC Expert Task Force meeting, Ispra, Italy, November 2002.


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