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Case burden is the burden of disease or other impact that can be attributed to one case or unit, e.g. disease burden per one case of cancer. Typically it is calculated as

case burden = disability weight caused by the disease * duration of the disease.

Case burden can also be monetary losses attributed one case.

For case burdens attributed to waterborne diseases, see Case burden of waterborne microbes.


What are the case burdens (in DALYs or euros) of relevant environmental health outcomes?




The case burdens are presented as DALYs or euros per case of illness.

Case burdens of environmental health outcomes(unit/case)
ObsResponseSubgroupDisability weightDurationMeasureUnitCase burdenDescription
1Annual number of days with bronchitis in children (age 6-12 years)0.2250.00274BoDDALY/case0.00062WHO 2017a
2Incidence chronic bronchitis in adults (age 18+ years)0.09910BoDDALY/case0.99Heimtsa & Intarese 2011
3Incidence of asthma symptoms in asthmatic children (age 5-19 years)0.070.00274BoDDALY/case0.00019Heimtsa & Intarese 2011
4Hospitalizations, cardiovascular diseases0.5880.038BoDDALY/case0.0223Bachmann & van der Kamp 2017
5Hospitalizations, respiratory diseases0.4080.038BoDDALY/case0.0155Bachmann & van der Kamp 2017
6Work days lost, working age population (age 20-65 years)0.0990.00274BoDDALY/case0.00027126Heimtsa & Intarese 2011
7Lung cancer (age 30+ years)0.4511BoDDALY/case0.451WHO 2017a
8Annual number of days with bronchitis in children (age 6-12 years)Cost€/case49Holland 2014
9Incidence chronic bronchitis in adults (age 18+ years)Cost€/case62712Holland 2014
10Incidence of asthma symptoms in asthmatic children (age 5-19 years)Cost€/case49Holland 2014
11Hospitalizations, cardiovascular diseasesCost€/case2574Holland 2014
12Hospitalizations, respiratory diseasesCost€/case2574Holland 2014
13Work days lost, working age population (age 20-65 years)Cost€/case152Holland 2014
14Post-neonatal mortality (age 1-12 months)180BoDDALY/case80Heimtsa & Intarese 2011
15Premature deaths due to air pollution110.6BoDDALY/case10.6De Leeuw & Horálek 2016/5
16Cost of DALYCost€/DALY67500Holland 2014
17Dioxin recommendation tolerable daily intakeBoDDALY/case0.0001 - 0.0101Goherr assessment
18Dioxin recommendation tolerable daily intake 2018BoDDALY /case0.0001 - 0.0101Goherr assessment
19Loss in child's IQ pointsBoDDALY/IQ0.11 (0.06 - 0.16)Arja used 0.013 but here we use Goherr value instead.
20PFAS TWIBoDDALY/case0.0001 - 0.0101PFAS assessment
21Sperm concentrationGender:FemaleBoDDALY/case0Goherr assessment
22Sperm concentrationGender:MaleBoDDALY/case0 - 5Goherr assessment
23Vitamin D recommendationBoDDALY/case0.0001 - 0.0101Goherr assessment
24Yes or no dental defectBoDDALY/case0 - 0.12Goherr assessment


  • WHO2017a
  • Heimtsa & Intarese 2011
  • Bachmann & van der Kamp 2017
  • De Leeuw & Horálek 2016/5
  • Holland (2014), corrected to price levels of 2015. Amounts are based on the lower limits.
  • Goherr assessment
  • PFAS assessment


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