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  Links to relevant information that does not belong to ''Definition''.
  Links to relevant information that does not belong to ''Definition''.
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==Related files==
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Boxes with dashed borders contain brief guidance text
for completing the entries for new variables.


This includes a verbal definition of the spatial, temporal, and other limits
(system boundaries) of the variable. The scope is defined according to the use 
purpose of the assessment(s) that the variable belongs to.



Description of the data used for obtaining the value of the variable
(e.g. measurement data; mathematical method and its parameters). 
Please include references (preferably using the <ref> </ref> tags) and links to original data, as appropriate.


List of upstream variables.
The variables can be listed used descriptive (free-format) names or unambiguous identifiers
(e.g. Analytica IDs).


Unit in which the result is expressed.


Algebra or other explicit methods if possible
(e.g. Analytica code between the <anacode> </anacode> tags).


If possible, a numerical expression or distribution.

See also

Links to relevant information that does not belong to Definition.



...will appear here automatically, if cited above using the <ref> </ref> tags.
Additional references can also be listed here.

Related files


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