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Urgenche research project 2011 - 2014: city-level climate change mitigation
Urgenche pages

Urgenche main page | Category:Urgenche | Urgenche project page (password-protected)

Relevant data
Building stock data in Urgenche‎ | Building regulations in Finland | Concentration-response to PM2.5 | Emission factors for burning processes | ERF of indoor dampness on respiratory health effects | ERF of several environmental pollutions| General criteria for land use | Indoor environment quality (IEQ) factors | Intake fractions of PM | Land use in Urgenche | Land use and boundary in Urgenche |

Relevant methods
Health impact assessment | OpasnetBaseUtils‎ | Recommended R functions‎ | Using summary tables‎ |

City Kuopio
Baseline building stock | Building data availability in Kuopio | Climate change policies and health in Kuopio (assessment) | Climate change policies in Kuopio (plausible city-level climate policies) | Cost curves for energy (prioritization of options) Energy balance (for calculating energy flows) | Energy balance in Kuopio (energy data) | Energy consumption and GHG emissions in Kuopio by sector | Energy consumption classes (categorisation) | Energy consumption of heating of buildings in Kuopio | Energy transformations (energy production and use processes) | Energy use by building type in Kuopio | Fuels used by Haapaniemi energy plant | Greenhouse gas emissions in Kuopio | Haapaniemi energy plant in Kuopio | File:Heat use in Kuopio.csv (heating and impacts of heating policies; password-protected) | Kuopio housing (password-protected) | Land use in Kuopio | Population of Kuopio|

City Stuttgart
Energy balance in Stuttgart | Energy balance in Stuttgart 2010