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What is the structure of a study such that

  • it is coherent with PSSP ontology,
  • it is coherent with open assessment methodology,
  • it is a usable tool for researchers to present their studies and results,
  • it can be peer reviewed in the same way as a traditional research article?





Study is an information object that describes a research study. It has the following parts (in reverse order):

  • Result: Observational or other data obtained in the study.
  • Definition: The study methods are described as the definition of the object. Unlike traditional research articles, there is little or no discussion, because the interpretation of the results happens in other objects, typically in variables for which the study contains useful information. Another major difference to a variable is that the definition of the study is fixed after the research plan has been fixed and work done, and also the result is fixed after the data has been obtained and analysed.
  • Scope: The scope of a study reflects the generalisability of the study results, and it is open to discussion and subject to change also after the study has been finished. In contrast, in a variable the scope is fixed, and the definition and result change as new information comes up.

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