Strategic methods of NIPHW

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Strategic methods of National Institute of Public Health and Welfare (NIPHW) are the most important methods that are applied in aim to fulfil the tasks of the institute. The tasks are scientific research; promoting health and preventing diseases and social discrepancy; protecting people against health threats; developing the health care system; maintaining and developing health-related information systems; doing expert work and dissemination among the administration and stakeholders; promoting health-related innovations; maintaining an efficient management system; and acting internationally in the domain of public health and welfare.







  • Scientific research on the strategic topics of NIPHW.
  • Expert work in the national government, EU, WHO, and other important organisations.
  • Education and training of doctoral students from neighbouring universities.
  • Maintaining alert systems for infection outbreaks.
  • Developing better methods for the health care system.
  • Performing open assessments on the strategic topics of NIPHW.
  • Maintaining and developing information systems on public health.
  • Health education of the citizens via health-related organisations.