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  • ...nversations between researchers, lets them discuss the data and connect it with other data that might be relevant. Blogs, wikis and such, permit users to m ...cle6.html "Scientists Built the Web. Do They Love Web 2.0?"] ''The Science Pages'' (Stanford School of Medicine)</ref>
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  • ...question to your user page. It is important to easily see, who has come up with each question. ...s 12-13 Feb || Extra homework due to missing seminars: Task as HW6 but new pages. Due date: 15 Feb
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  • ! HW 7: Structure of pages and objects and R code {{bluebox|Not evaluated}} ! Use [[Help:Editing#Reference lists|references]]
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  • Read pages [[Open policy practice]], [[Knowledge crystal]], and [[Open assessment]] an [ Join Quizlet] and practice with the sets of terms to learn the concepts:
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  • ...tle=Special%3ASearch&profile=all&search=buttonlabel&fulltext=Search these] pages ...for migrated data, different versions of gdal and rgdal produce different errors traceable to data types
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  • ...eer review. You can read about the main topics of the article from Opasnet pages [[Open policy practice]], [[Shared understanding]], [[Open assessment]], an ...than winning a debate. There is potential for merging open policy practice with other open science and open decision process tools. Active facilitation, co
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