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  • ...(EEA), in the framework of the activities of the European Topic Centre on Air and Climate Change. Since 2007, the European Commission's Joint Research Ce
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  • *** air pollutants -> human health, material, crops === Air pollutants (p. 24) ===
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  • Ambient air quality, pollutant dispersion and transport models |Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU), Norway
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  • ...leads either directly or indirectly (e.g. through health effects caused by air pollutants) to a change in the utility of the affected persons. Adverse hea ...le and transparent than deriving a general willingness-to-pay for reducing air pollution.
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  • ...les) can be more general or more specific and hierarchically related, e.g. air pollution (general variable) and daily average of PM<sub>2.5</sub> concentr ...n example, the general air pollutant variable can be divided into specific pollutant variables, e.g. for NOx, PM2.5 /PM10, BS etc and also further specified in
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  • ...'''impacts of urban transport'''. It currently focuses on health impacts (air pollution, accidents, physical activity) and greenhouse gas emissions (CO<s * Pollutant
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  • **The present permeability of the housing stock shifted to present reduced air leakage in all dwellings *Pollutant
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  • [[Category:Indoor air]] ...on exposure is assumed to occur as a long-term exposure to radon in indoor air.
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  • *[ Measures of pollutant concentration (Wikipedia)] This interdisciplinary field of study includes topics ranging from air and water quality, environmental genetics, physiology, risk assessment, occ
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  • ...pollutant exposures in Europe''' ([[EU-30]]) during the period 2010-2050? Air pollutants include PM2.5...
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  • ...pollutant emissions in Europe''' ([[EU-30]]) during the period 2010-2050? Air pollutants include PM2.5...
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  • ...n [[Opasnet]]. Therefore, this variable actually only affects [[:heande:HI:Air exchange rate for European residences]], and the building policies are incl ...ergy used by the city; Improved public safety; Sustainable transport; Less air pollution and noise; Increase in proportion of citizens satisfied with the
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  • ...entrations measured were compared to the pollutant intakes of the mothers. Pollutant exposures were estimated based on individual food intake records and measur ...this study, it was possible to link individual-level food intake to actual pollutant concentrations in the immediate environment (i.e., placenta) of the fetus.
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  • ...ant for public health and health policy, namely fine particle pollution in air, dioxins in food. ...r": models dealing with specific questions such as air concentrations of a pollutant from a specific source or risk-benefit analyses of particular actions. Ther
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  • ...included, select the time period of interest, use either monitored ambient air quality data or values provided from dispersion or other modeling runs, and intake, inhalation, air, modeling, human health, time use, exposure, dose
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  • ..., when attempts are being made to place restrictions on some environmental pollutant, then the arguments are made that the limits should be set even lower, the it easier to drive to our country cottage. We support measures to limit air pollution at the same time as we purchase a new, heavier, poor fuel economy
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  • ...on. It contains emission factors and process information for more than 200 air pollution source categories. A source category is a specific industry secto emission factors, sources, emissions, air pollution, HAP, hazardous air pollutants, PM, particles, VOCs, volatile organic compounds, metals, PAHs,
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  • The National Pollutant Inventory (NPI) maintains emission database for several sources and polluta emissions, air, water, land, sources, PAHs, VOCs, particles, PM10, NOx, nitrogen oxides, S
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  • ..., and ozone (O3) air quality modeling; 2) estimate hazardous and toxic air pollutant emissions from total PM and TOC primary emissions; 3) provide input to chem emissions inventories, air, particles, sources, TOC, total organic compounds, PM2.5, particulate matte
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  • ...n exposures from continuous releases to multiple environmental media, i.e. air, soil, and water. It has also been used for waste classification and for se ...n exposures from continuous releases to multiple environmental media, i.e. air, soil, and water. The modeling components of CalTOX include a multimedia tr
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