Noise exposure around the Schiphol airport

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Noise exposure gives the number of people exposed to different levels of noise in the vicinity of Schiphol airport.


Noise is one of the most important environmental effects of aviation activities, the largest impact of which is realised in the community surrounding the airport (Lu & Morrell 2006). Factors affecting noise exposure and impact include the characteristics of the settlement in the vicinity of the airport, and the quality and quantity of airtraffic (aircraft and engine types, time of day, flight paths, landing and take-off procedures) and related activities.

Noise disturbance is difficult to evaluate as it is open to subjective reactions. Its impact is not a lasting one on the actual environment, but it can have significant adverse effects on people living close to an airport, including: interference with communication, sleep disturbance, annoyance responses, learning acquisition, performance effects and cardiovascular and psycho-physiological effects. [1]


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List of parents:


Residences within noise contour at Schiphol (Schiphol Group 2002)

Kosten unit (Ke): number of residences

  • >65: 14
  • 60-65: 33
  • 55-60: 70
  • 50-55: 402
  • 45-50: 1675
  • 35-40: 3358
  • 35-40: 3857
  • 30-35: 13539
  • 25-30: 44048
  • 20-25: 55634

Lden value is approximately equal to (0.5*Kosten unit+41)

Lnight can be calculated as Lden+10

The average number of people living in a house for several years is 2,26 in 2006 (Dutch National Statistics).






Lden: Number of inhabitants

>73.5 71-73.5 68.5-71 66-68.5 63.5-66 61-63.5 58.5-61 56-58.5 53.5-56 51-53.5