Noise exposure around the Schiphol airport

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Noise exposure gives the number of people exposed to different levels of noise in the vicinity of Schiphol airport


In Lu & Morrell (2006) the level of noise is measured in Kosten unit (KU). 10 KU was used as the background level. Number of residences within the noise contour 20-10 KU is missing from their data (unavailable).

KU cannot be converted to noise exposure in dB(A) [1]

Visser et al (2005) published a noise map (although this is probably not the original place of publication).


  • Schiphol Group (2002). Gebruiksplan Schiphol 2001. The Netherlands. In:Lu, C. & Morrell, P. (2006). Determination and applications of environmental costs at different sized airports - aircraft noise and engine emissions
  • Otto Visser, Joop H van Wijnen and Flora E van Leeuwen: Incidence of cancer in the area around Amsterdam Airport Schiphol in 1988–2003: a population-based ecological study. BMC Public Health 2005, 5:127 doi:10.1186/1471-2458-5-127



List of parents:


Schiphol Group (2002):

Kosten unit (KU): number of residences

  • >65: 14
  • 60-65: 33
  • 55-60: 70
  • 50-55: 402
  • 45-50: 1675
  • 35-40: 3358
  • 35-40: 3857
  • 30-35: 13539
  • 25-30: 44048
  • 20-25: 55634

Noise exposure Schiphol.JPG






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